[Parody] The Correct Way to Pick on Teru

The Correct Way to Pick on Teru

Something small I translated when I was supposed to be working on a Senriyama doujin… Many thanks to 百度天才麻将少女吧.

[Saki Doujin Game] The Memories of Summer ENG Ver.

Baidu download link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0eQgAO

Mirror: Mediafire

Consult this page for a walkthrough

Download instructions (for the Baidu link): Capture Capture2 And it’s finally done. There were a few line breaks that I didn’t catch, but I don’t want to push the release back again, so I didn’t bother fixing them. Please report all bugs/typos to me. CG, sprites and BGM pack coming soon. Please consult the readme-ENG file if you have any problems. The option menu wasn’t translated, so I included a screenshot in English, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. A few pointers given below because the game has a few bugs. More details available in the readme-ENG file. Continue reading

Planned Doujin Game Translation: 夏日祭-The Memories of Summer

Edit 12/16/2013: Translation in progress. About 100 pages completed out of ~550 pages. There are also some problems with line breaks in the game engine, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a small program, I hope. No promises, but expect an update in two months’ time. Meanwhile, this blog won’t be updated until I finish (or quit).

Sadly, I’ve ran out of Saki/Teru material to translate except some small bits here and there. So this past month, I’ve been looking at an original doujin game created by the group Yuri Time. This visual novel features Teru as the protagonist. The game has its original CG set and character designs, which are quite impressive for a fan-made game. There are a total of 5 routes.

The OP can be found here.

Here are some screenshots:



Now for the different routes: Saki, Toki, Awai, Kuro, and Sumire.
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[Saki Doujin] Teru, Sweets, and Her Little Sister (Saki x Teru)


I was originally planning to do a Senriyama or Shiraitodai or Kiyosumi doujin, but the day I got down to business I saw this…and yeah. I’m hopeless. But WordPress is telling me that Saki x Teru is the most popular pairing? It’ll be nice if you guys can let me know what you want to see…

This time it’s a story from before the sisters separated. Many thanks to 百度天才麻将少女吧.

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[Pics and Shorts Dump] Saki-Centric

Artist: ゆんこ (but the styles are vastly different so there may be more uncredited artists)

Link to entire collection: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2102070042

I also linked each individual picture that needs translating separately, but they should be all in order. Please note: you must copy and paste links directly into a new tab/window. Clicking on the links directly will result in a comment about the picture being available for baidu internal use only.

Some of these have been translated elsewhere (I think I saw some on Danbooru), but they’re short so I just translated them all.

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