After finishing Achiga-hen, I was really craving some Saki goodies but was sad to find very few doujins and stories on the National teams. So I decided to test my elementary Chinese skills and visit 百度天才麻将少女吧 (Saki Baidu forums). There are so many doujins there that are not available in English that I was able to satisfy my Saki cravings for a few months. There are also quite a few stories there, but most of them remain unfinished.

I’m using this blog to host translations of doujins or stories from Chinese to English. I am only capable of providing text translations, however. Image editing is beyond me. Therefore, please don’t complain about the quality! My goal is to provide as many doujins as possible in English, quality be damned.

All of the doujins are made available thanks to the lovely folks at 百度天才麻将少女吧. If I happen to translate something that you’re working on, I apologize and will take it down if you ask (but I’m sure yours is better quality so there’s really no competition). Otherwise, you can use the translations on this blog in any way you want. I’d be happy if you give me a heads up and/or credit me.

I cannot guarantee a regular updating schedule. I’m in the middle of a career change that could keep me busy at days at a time. How come I have the time to translate, then? I also moved and left all my friends who used to keep me up until 2 a.m. behind. So now my free time is utterly free and I also want to meet more people who share my interests.

I tend towards stories from Shiraitodai, Senriyama, and Kazekoshi. Saki x Teru is my bias at the moment (but alas it will never happen). However, you can make requests on stuff you’d like to see here. Just keep in mind I may not be interested. I haven’t read over the National arc carefully, so I’m not exactly familiar with the Side-B teams.

5 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello,

    I’m an uploader over at Dynasty-scans, where we host an online reader. I was coming here to [hopefully] obtain your permission to upload your works to our site. However, you note that “you can use the translations on this blog in any way you want” As such, I’d like to double-check that this is okay before proceeding. We’d credit you for your work, and link back to your blog as well.

    Thank you kindly for your time. Keep up the great work.


  2. Hello, I just wonder, are you still in SakiTeru fandom? If yes, is there a way to contact you (Facebook, Twitter,…). If you see this message, please answer me. I’m a little late, but SakiTeru is my favorite couple and I was really glad to find this wordpress, but also sad at the same time because you have been already inactive for a long time.

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