[Saki Doujin Game] The Memories of Summer ENG Ver.

Baidu download link: http://pan.baidu.com/s/1c0eQgAO

Mirror: Mediafire

Consult this page for a walkthrough

Download instructions (for the Baidu link): Capture Capture2 And it’s finally done. There were a few line breaks that I didn’t catch, but I don’t want to push the release back again, so I didn’t bother fixing them. Please report all bugs/typos to me. CG, sprites and BGM pack coming soon. Please consult the readme-ENG file if you have any problems. The option menu wasn’t translated, so I included a screenshot in English, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. A few pointers given below because the game has a few bugs. More details available in the readme-ENG file. Gameplay notes:

  • Be careful with skipping through text that you’ve already read in Saki’s route! For some reason, it’ll skip right through new lines that can only be accessed after you meet a certain criteria. Lots of lines get unlocked right after Teru cleans her room. Then, every night after that, plus some other times during the day of the fireworks, new lines will pop up.
  • The skipping text bug also applies to other routes as well. Just use with care.
  • The endings are kind of cheap sometimes. If you think you didn’t pick anything wrong and still got a BAD END, just play it again. Something might pop up during a branch where you were forced to choose one path before.

A short comment about each route in case you’re wondering in which order they should be played:

  • All 5 routes can be accessed in any order, but not all endings are immediately available. Refer to this post to see all possible endings.
  • Saki: the longest. Contains the most flashbacks. Really serves as the foundation of the game, but it’s up to you whether you want know right away why Saki had a falling out with Teru.
  • Toki: another flashback-heavy route. Goes hand-in-hand with Saki’s route. Toki and Saki’s routes do most of the explanations for the other routes. Again, up to you when you want the answers to the hints about Teru’s past in the other routes.
  • Awai: the cavity route because really, it’s just all fluff. Hints to that other Miyanaga girl.
  • Kuro: ugh…I tried my best with this, but it’s clear that the original game makers were planning more material for Kuro and just didn’t include it for whatever reason. So this route comes out of nowhere near the end of the game and is very short. It’s like Teru wasn’t with anybody and suddenly is in love with Kuro. Hints to both Teru’s past with Saki and that other Miyanaga girl. Also, Kuro is OOC. Tried my best to correct it, but I can’t rewrite the game…
  • Sumire: nothing much to say here other than Sumire is NOT a romantic interest :(. There are a few scenes in the beginning about her, but that’s it. Since this route is supposed to be a mystery, I’ll let it stay a mystery (but it’s not that hard to figure out what’s going on).

20 thoughts on “[Saki Doujin Game] The Memories of Summer ENG Ver.

    • The only other one I know is also in Chinese and just use sprites from the official saki website. Can be found here: http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2533818908. Pairings: TeruSaki, TeruHisa, TeruSumire.
      I think the same people who did Memories of Summer are planning another game. So far I just saw a screenshot of Nodoka and Yuuki and have no idea what it’s about.

  1. TeruxSaki?! VN!

    I’m going to start playing this right away!

    Thank you very much for translating this ^^

  2. This is really good for the most part (only real issues with it are the changes in some characters personalities). The work put into the translation as well as the actual game is really stunning and in my opinion is better than a lot other commercial products.

    • Thanks for the feedback. I really, really wanted to correct the personalities, but it’s not my game so I just had to deal with it. Glad you enjoyed it, though.

  3. okay, maybe i’m stupid or something XD
    but can you give me hint to “sumire” true route?? since I always got the normal ending ._.
    if you can’t post here, you can tell me vie e-mail, sorry for bother 😀

    • Hmm, I ran into that problem too during my first playthrough, and the reason is that you’re missing an ending from one of the other routes. Refer to this post for a list of all the routes and possible endings. Make sure you hit them all before attempting Sumire’s true ending.

  4. I got all possible endings for each heroine but, when I tried the Sumire route, I always get a Normal Ending 😦 I’m desperate to know who killer is XD SPOIL ME desu~

  5. Hi.
    Just wanted to say you’ve done a hell of a job translating this and that I appreciate it. I’ve also told several friend of mine who are into Saki about this VN, and I linked it on some sites I frequent.
    I have no idea if you even check this site anymore but if you do I wanted to let you know your hard work paid off and your translations are still reaching Saki fans even now, some 2 years later.
    Thanks a bunch!

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