Planned Doujin Game Translation: 夏日祭-The Memories of Summer

Edit 12/16/2013: Translation in progress. About 100 pages completed out of ~550 pages. There are also some problems with line breaks in the game engine, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a small program, I hope. No promises, but expect an update in two months’ time. Meanwhile, this blog won’t be updated until I finish (or quit).

Sadly, I’ve ran out of Saki/Teru material to translate except some small bits here and there. So this past month, I’ve been looking at an original doujin game created by the group Yuri Time. This visual novel features Teru as the protagonist. The game has its original CG set and character designs, which are quite impressive for a fan-made game. There are a total of 5 routes.

The OP can be found here.

Here are some screenshots:



Now for the different routes: Saki, Toki, Awai, Kuro, and Sumire.

Saki Route: the obvious reason why I played this game. This is one of the longer routes if you include the epilogue and goes quite a bit into Saki and Teru’s past and even pulls in that mysterious girl in the manga who also sports the Miyanaga hairstyle. Contains good, bad, and normal ends.

Toki Route: another very rich route and explains some back story for the Miyanagas, believe it or not, though I felt bad for Ryuuka the whole way. Contains good and bad ends.

Awai Route: this one is very light-hearted compared to some of the others. It also contains the most CGs. Only one good end.

Kuro Route: Kuro’s route kicks in later in the game, but it gives a very interesting interpretation on Kuro and Yuu. Contains good, bad, and true ends.

“Sumire” Route: this is the last unlockable route and contains the true ending of the game. It’s not really a Sumire route as it’s more of a murder mystery. If you stumble onto this route by accident, you’re in for quite a surprise.

If anyone’s interested in this game, I’ll give translating it a shot. It might take a while, but it doesn’t look too bad. A couple of hours of gameplay if you’re not getting stuck on the routes.

20 thoughts on “Planned Doujin Game Translation: 夏日祭-The Memories of Summer

  1. I’d certainly be interested, but it’s a bit of a step up from manga to game translation. Don’t grind yourself down on this too hard.

  2. Looking forward to checking this game out once you’ve finished translating it to English so I’ll regularly check in now and again for any changes. I wish you luck dude !

    • Luckily I don’t have too much left…50 pages + proofreading + fixing bugs and stuff. Hopefully I can release it sometime this month. Thanks for the comment!

  3. What makes you say that the Sumire route contains “the true ending of the game”? Wouldn’t “contains normal and true ends” be better? It’s not the only “TRUE END” in the game, and there’s no reason to pick it over the other.

    Furthermore, both “TRUE END”s are rather weak – I think the 4 good ends are far stronger plotwise. I think they just used “TRUE END” because they had to – namely to give the Kuro route a “better than good ending” and to designate the “best” ending of the Sumire path.

    • Very true. I think the game treats “true ends” as the last unlockable scenario, and since Sumire’s true end is the last unlockable route of the game, it’s considered the true end of the game.

  4. Uhm~ every time I play the Sumire route, I always get a Normal End. I want to know who is the culprit so, please do tell me what is the right choices. Rather, tell me who the culprit is XD
    Thank you.

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