The Memories of Summer CG+Sprites+BGM Pack

Download link: mediafire

I remember someone asking for a CG rip of the game, so I decided to upload the CGs, sprites, and bgm all at once.

This is also my way of being lazy because I have not worked on any doujins. Blame it on this longggg and ongoing Taiwanese drama called Ordinary Love and its fxf couple YaoTing. The main plot is very, er, illogical, but the acting is great and the depiction of their love and the troubles they face is very well done. I got so caught up in it that I forgot to watch the newest ep of Zenkoku-hen last week. And here I thought nothing could come between me and my weekly Saki.

For those interested, here are some links:
An English Article:
Vids of them with English subs (not comprehensive)
All vids of them (some do not have eng sub)

[Saki Doujin] Youni Tokeru Mazaru


As promised, the Senriyama doujin. The title guess-alates to: “Melting Together Under the Sun”. This is very short though, so I might follow it up with another one. Many thanks to 百度天才麻将少女吧.

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[Saki Doujin] Torahime!


In light of the lack of Sumire in Memories of Summer, I decided to do a quick release of this Shiraitodai doujin (with Teru x Sumire hints). Many thanks to 百度天才麻将少女吧.

A Senriyama doujin coming next, as Toki and Ryuuka were the clear winners in the poll. Thanks to everyone who voted. I’ll do my best to find some stuff for everyone.

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[Saki Doujin Game] The Memories of Summer ENG Ver.

Baidu download link:

Mirror: Mediafire

Consult this page for a walkthrough

Download instructions (for the Baidu link): Capture Capture2 And it’s finally done. There were a few line breaks that I didn’t catch, but I don’t want to push the release back again, so I didn’t bother fixing them. Please report all bugs/typos to me. CG, sprites and BGM pack coming soon. Please consult the readme-ENG file if you have any problems. The option menu wasn’t translated, so I included a screenshot in English, but it’s pretty easy to figure out. A few pointers given below because the game has a few bugs. More details available in the readme-ENG file. Continue reading

Memories of Summer Translation Complete!

Phew, after 2 months, it’s finally done. Sorry that I didn’t update at all during that time. Sometimes I didn’t know whether I could finish it or not. But after some cheating and baiting (mainly, leaving Saki’s route for last…that did wonders), it’s all done. I just sent the translated script to the original game creators. There are still a few outstanding issues left, such as line breaks and names and menu, but depending on when they get back to me, I hope I can release the English version by the end of this month.

After that, maybe I can finally go back to some doujins. The poll from 2 months ago showed that Toki/Ryuuka was the favorite. I wonder if that’s still the case now that the anime has shown some side-B teams? Anyway, I’ll try to find something for each request, but I can’t promise anything.